“Steven Universe” Season 6 may still happen after show creator Rebecca Sugar hinted on its possibility. Fan theories suggest that the show may return but will rebrand itself for Season 6. Theories also emerged on why Cartoon Network remained silent on the show’s future.

Fans were convinced that Season 5’s final episode, “Change Your Mind,” was the series’ finale. Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar and the entire crewniverse of “Steven Universe” remained tight-lipped on the show’s future. No one either confirms or denies if Season 5 was indeed the last for the show.

Cancellation rumors draw more attention with the announcement of “Steven Universe: The Movie” in 2018. The teaser for the movie was released during the San Diego Comic-Con panel. The trailer features the three gems and Steven in a spinning heart-shaped red gem, and an evil laugh is heard as the gem spins an evil shadow in a pigtail.

Hardcore fans on Reddit, however, believed that a “Steven Universe” Season 6 is likely to happen after the release of the movie. The fan theory suggests that Cartoon Network is possibly already working on the sixth season of the animated series but is keeping hush about it. The network is changing its marketing strategy and preparing big for the launch, hopefully late this year.

Another fan, however, pointed out that the secrecy over the future status of “Steven Universe” could be attributed to the show’s fandom. In this fan theory, Cartoon Network avoids the buzz for the show and keeps it away. The fan said it would be better for fans to lose interest now then stir them back in the hype with the release of a trailer. Season 6 could be nothing special except for the return of Steven and the Crystal Gems. But killing and reviving the hype may prove successful in holding the fans’ interest in the show.

Another theory said that Season 5 might be really the finale for the series. The movie was planned previously, and so it has an independent plot from the series. However, Sugar might have received an unexpected news that her show is being renewed for a Season 6 after everyone in her team believed Season 5 was the last one. The secrecy from Sugar and her team time will give them time to produce and develop a story for “Steven Universe” Season 6.

One fan explained that the Season 6 announcement may not be due until March based on Cartoon Network’s corporate policy. According to this fan, every year the network released announcements lined up for the upcoming season. The example given was that Cartoon Network may announce “Steven Universe” Season 6 this March, but it will premiere late 2019 or early 2020.

All theories are interesting and make sense. They gained different reactions from fans. However, these theories remain as they are until Cartoon Network or Sugar makes them official.

“Steven Universe: The Movie” is slated to premiere in late 2019 on Cartoon Network. Season 6 is yet to be confirmed.