A trio of high schoolers in Miramar, Florida have been charged with first-degree murder on Sunday, Oct. 17, for the death of their classmate, whom they killed with a sword as revenge after he allegedly slept with an ex-girlfriend of one of the group’s members.

Dwight Grant, an 18-year-old boy from Florida, was found dead and hidden in the bushes near his apartment after he was killed by 16-year-old Jaslyn Smith, 17-year-olds Andre Clements III, and Christie Parisien, according to the Miami Herald.

Clements was reportedly angry that Grant had slept with an ex-girlfriend of his, whom he felt he had an emotional connection with. Grant and Parisien, who are currently dating, exchanged text messages planning Grant’s murder on Oct. 11, CBS 12 News reported.

“[The] motive for this attack on the victim was due to the victim having sex with [redacted],” the police report said. “Andre Clements III was angry at the fact that this occurred and therefore wanted to murder the victim for it.”

Parisien then acquired Grant’s address, and on Oct.17, the three went to the apartment complex and lured Grant out with the promise of sexual intercourse with Parisien. Once they got into a stairwell, Clements and Smith proceeded to beat up Grant mercilessly.

“You know why I am here,” Clements said to Grant during their encounter. “You know I have to kill you now.”

Smith then pinned Grant by his arms as Clements stabbed the victim in the throat. Grant reportedly begged Clements and the others to “end it for him,” which is when the mastermind assailant plunged a sword into the teenager's chest, killing him swiftly, according to NBC Miami.

Two of the students attempted to cover up the death by throwing Grant’s body out of the building and hiding it in the bushes while Parisien used cleaning supplies that she had brought to sanitize the scene of the crime and get rid of forensic evidence.

“The three suspects then attempted to destroy evidence of the crime by cleaning the victim’s blood off and moving the victim’s body to conceal him in the bushes,” the police said in a statement. “They again made an effort to destroy evidence of a crime by Andre Clements III and Jaslyn Smith removing their clothes and burning it.”

The three will be charged as adults with first-degree murder, evidence tampering, and criminal conspiracy raps.

Dwight Grant, a high schooler in Florida, was murdered by three of his classmates on Oct. 17 after he had slept with the ex-girlfriend of one of the assailants. This is a representational image. Krys Amon/Unsplash.

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