Betty Monroe has shown what a good sport she is starring on "Sueño De Amor." A couple weeks ago, we reported that the character of Esperanza would undergo a drastic change due to the cancer diagnosis she received. In an epic scene that aired last night in México, Monroe shaved her head completely after she said, "before chemotherapy takes away my hair, I will take it off myself." These words are special because Carmen Salinas suggested them to producer Juan Osorio. Salinas said that these were the same words her son said when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Monroe was brave to let go of her hair to dramatize the anguish her character Esperanza feels. The scene was beautiful and Monroe was brilliant, but we are not entirely happy with the way it was shown on television. This was Esperanza's moment and such a dramatic time in her life that was taken away with the other two rolling around in bed. That's right, the producer thought it was pertinent to take away from Esperanza shaving her head off and show Ricardo (Cristian De La Fuente) and Cristina (Marjorie De Sousa) having sexual intercourse. That was a bad call because now it seems like those two are villains and they cannot redeem themselves in our eyes. Watch the moment below and tell us what you think!

Monroe's hair will be donated to a child with cancer. "They will be making a wig and we will gift it with all our love in the world," she said. "At the end I told Juan Osorio, he gave me the opportunity to star in a telenovela after 20 years of working and I think my character was worth it, the production is worth it and the story." This pivotal scene will air on Univision in the coming weeks. "Sueño De Amor" airs on the Spanish-language network weeknights at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT.