Betty Monroe  is going to have a drastic change on "Sueño De Amor." The Univision telenovela that airs weeknights at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT has been going through some changes. Esperanza has cancer and to better personify her character, Monroe decided to actually shave her head instead of simulating it with the magic of television. 

Producer Juan Osorio is pleased with Monroe's participation in the drama series. "If I had to select my lead actress again, I would choose her," he said in an interview with Notimex. "She is a great human being, very professional and above all, she has demonstrated respect and passion for her acting career. Her character needed to lose her hair. We started making preparations to characterized her, but she decided [to shave], I was very fortunate of having a protagonist that is not afraid of what people will say, and gives in to her character."

Monroe's hair will be donated to a child with cancer. "They will be making a wig and we will gift it with all our love in the world," she said. "At the end I told Juan Osorio, he gave me the opportunity to star in a telenovela after 20 years of working and I think my character was worth it, the production is worth it and the story."

Monroe is not the only one that will loose her hair. In solidarity with Esperanza, Julian Gil's character will also shave off his head. You can watch spoiler videos below! Tell us what you think of the dramatic changes.


Gil also had his hair shaved off in solidarity.


Monroe with hair chopped off.

"Sueño De Amor" focuses on the life of Esperanza Guerrero, an active beautiful woman who always smiles. Esperanza ('Hope' in English) Guerrero is the mother of Patricia and Pedro. She has been both the mother and father of her kids. Her vitality allows her to be a spinning trainer and also work as a teacher in two different schools. Regarding love, she has gone through a lot: first, she fell in love with Ricardo at a very young age, but life separated them. Then, she married Pedro, but he died and she was left on her own with a child. After that, she had a daughter with Ernesto, but he cheated on her so she had to provide for both kids on her own. Her family is the most important thing for her, but destiny will have her meet again with Ricardo, her true love, with whom she dreams of being happy again.