Betty Monroe is agitated with all the rumors surrounded her faith on "Sueño De Amor." The Univision telenovela that is struggling in the ratings on the Spanish-language network and in Mexico is going through some major changes. It was recently announced that Marjorie De Sousa would be joining the telenovela cast to spice up the storylines and bring in new life. At the same time there was talk that Monroe, who plays Esperanza, would exit the production. The actress has spoken out and debunks all the allegations in a tweet. "I am tired of all the defamation," she wrote. "Esperanza doesn't die. She doesn't go into a coma. I am not out of the telenovela. I am not fat."

Juan Osorio, the producer behind "Sueño De Amor," recently admitted that his production has not done so well with the audience. "I think we are in a ratings crisis in general," he told "La Taquilla." "I take full responsibility because I proposed this telenovela with these characteristics and we are fighting for it. I am very convinced of results and what we plan to do," he added. The telenovela starring Betty Monroe and Cristián De La Fuente was not doing so well with the Univision audience and recently swapped time slots with "Un Camino Hacia El Destino." "Sueño De Amor" now airs weeknights at 7pm ET/PT on the Spanish-language network.

"Sueño De Amor" focuses on the life of Esperanza Guerrero, an active beautiful woman who always smiles. Esperanza ('Hope' in English) Guerrero is the mother of Patricia and Pedro. She has been both the mother and father of her kids. Her vitality allows her to be a spinning trainer and also work as a teacher in two different schools. Regarding love, she has gone through a lot: first, she fell in love with Ricardo at a very young age, but life separated them. Then, she married Pedro, but he died and she was left on her own with a child. After that, she had a daughter with Ernesto, but he cheated on her so she had to provide for both kids on her own. Her family is the most important thing for her, but destiny will have her meet again with Ricardo, her true love, with whom she dreams of being happy again.