Los Tigres del Norte 49ers
Courtesy Los Tigres del Norte

As the anticipation for Super Bowl LVIII reaches its peak, Latino artists are making their mark on the main stage of American sports, bringing their vibrant energy and unwavering support for their teams to the forefront. Among them, Los Tigres del Norte stand out as they express their fervent backing for the San Francisco 49ers, showcasing their allegiance in a manner uniquely their own.

Draped in the iconic red and gold jerseys of the 49ers, Los Tigres del Norte exuded confidence and pride as they playfully jest about their team's formidable opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs. With a touch of humor, they quip that while Kansas City may boast Taylor Swift, they bring unparalleled Mexican and Latino support to their beloved team.

The legendary "jefes of jefes" chose the Bay Area as their home several years ago, and although they admittedly knew little about American football upon their arrival, they have since become hardcore fans.

Luis Fonsi, also a 49ers fan, will be in Las Vegas to support his team, and there are rumours of other Latino celebrities that could be in attendance.

Fans were hoping that J Balvin, who has been prominently present in Usher's promos for his Half Time Show, would go back on the Super Bowl stage. His first time was on 2020, when he sang with Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Bad Bunny. However, TMZ debunked that theory, reporting that the Colombian star is in Brazil, where he will take part in the Carnaval festivities.

Univision is broadcasting the Super Bowl this year. "We have embeded all our shows in the coverage of the most important sports event in the country and will continue to do so all through Sunday," said Lindsay Casinelli in an interview with the Latin Times

The lead sports commentator for Televisa Univision highlighted how "the presence of Latinos in American football continues to captivate the sporting world and its surrounding realms, such as advertising and entertainment. This year, that presence is stronger than ever, and we are making history."

According to the National Football League (NFL), the Latino audience is the fastest-growing demographic in American football, with a remarkable 11% increase in 2024 compared to the previous year.

Latinos Super Bowl stars

On the gridiron, the Latino presence is palpable within both competing teams. Isiah Pacheco, the running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, boasts Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage, while the San Francisco 49ers feature Jon Feliciano, another proud Puerto Rican contributing significantly to the offensive line, alongside Fred Warner, a linebacker of Panamanian and Mexican descent.

The influence of Latinos extends beyond the NFL, the field and stage, with notable figures such as comedian Marcello Hernández and Grupo Frontera starring in highly anticipated commercials. Additionally, renowned personalities like Lionel Messi, Aubrey Plaza, Jenna Ortega, and Danny Ramírez are poised to captivate audiences with their appearances.

On the stage, Maluma, and Christina Aguilera, delivered electrifying performances leading up to the game, further amplifying the excitement within the Latino community. Myke Towers will perform his greatest hits during the Univision Pre-show.

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