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Instagram supermodel Kelly Kay who attempted to run onto the field during the 2020 Super Bowl is now reportedly worth a whopping £3.7 million ($5 million) as a result of the exposure.

Kay did not manage to cover too much ground before stewards caught her at the Hard Rock Stadium. However, her appearance at the beginning of the Super Bowl changed her life.

While being dragged away by stewards, Kay had the chance to hitch up her dress and flash her backside to the crowd. Shortly after she uncovered her behind in front of the millions of public, she was later on identified as someone who was doing another viral stunt for Youtube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. After her name became known, her Instagram following shot up, along with her current value.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Kinsey Wolanski's boyfriend, owns and runs his YouTube prank channel. Zdorovetskiy was pictured with Kay after she was released from jail and shared a number of her images on Instagram. Wolanski was also one of those pitch invaders who made a highlight in a Champions League final.

Wolanski is believed to have earned $6 million in advertising by wearing a high-cut swimsuit as she ran onto the field. Wolanski was also seen stripping off recently and ran onto the track during a World Cup slalom race carrying a banner that read: "RIP Kobe." She walked onto the course during the run of Italian competitor Alex Vinatzer in Schladming that caused a temporary delay in the event.

According to Yahoo! Sport, Kay's value reportedly jumped to around AU $7.4 million ($5.8 million), and she continues to indulge in a luxurious and consistent modeling career where she now has 369,000 followers.

Kay spent the night in jail following her arrest and did not forget to celebrate her moment in the Super Bowl, proclaiming that 2020 was her year. "We are taking over the world, just know 2020 is our year can't wait to show you guys what else we've got in store for you," Kay wrote on Instagram moments after her return. She also described her stunt as the "smartest move of my career," and looking at her high net-worth, the stunt appears to hav helped her up her earnings.

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