A work supervisor has been accused of shooting and killing his employee after a heated argument escalated between the two at their workplace in Pontiac, Michigan on Monday, June 27.

The victim, identified as Daniel Leroy Brotemarkle, 25, reportedly confronted his work supervisor while at work on Monday, June 27. Following the argument, the victim was told to go home. 

However, the Brotemarkle proceeded to drive a truck owned by their workplace back to his home located in the 800 block of Woodland Drive. The supervisor and a handful of employees subsequently went to Brotemarkle's residence to retrieve the work truck. At the residence, however,  the two men got into another confrontation. The heated argument soon escalated into a physical confrontation and in a fit of rage, the work supervisor shot Brotemarkle multiple times in the presence of his other employees before fleeing the scene, FOX 2 Detroit reported. 

Following the shooting, local police deputies were immediately alerted. Law enforcement who responded to the scene on Woodland Drive shortly after noon Monday found Brotemarkle lying unresponsive by the road with multiple gunshot wounds and several 9 mm shell casings lying around him.

Officials immediately rushed Brotemarkle to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, he subsequently succumbed to his gunshot injuries and died at the health facility. 

The work supervisor was later arrested at a home on Perkins Street within an hour of the shooting and is currently being held at the Oakland County Jail, ClickOnDetroit reported. 

Brotemarkle is remembered by his family members as a fun-loving young man with a great heart and a good sense of humor.

"His surviving three siblings looked up to him. He was always fun and a human jungle gym they loved to climb on because he was significantly older than them," said Tricia Auten, the victim's aunt.

"I don't blame guns because a gun doesn't pull its own trigger; it's the person behind the trigger. What got these young people to the point where they think that's the solution?" Auten added. 

Auten added that her nephew was too young to leave the world. She added that the incident was very unfortunate and that the situation could have been handled differently.

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