The Taliban have been accused of brutally decapitating at least one Afghan soldier, as a grisly video of men chanting praise to their leader and celebrating while horrifically holding the severed head of a victim by his hair has begun circulating online.

A 36-second video of the gruesome act was reportedly first posted in a private Taliban chat room, according to a report published by the Washington Examiner on Friday, Sept. 10. It was not clear when the video was recorded, but the material was posted on the chat room only about a week ago, Metro reported.

In the video, six Taliban fighters can be seen standing around the soldier, who is lying on his back in a desert with his head atop his chest. Five of the fighters can be seen carrying rifles, and a sixth fighter is seen holding two bloody knives in one hand.

The soldier lying in the desert is wearing a dark green uniform which is normally assigned to the Afghan national army by U.S. forces. In a translation from Pashto provided by a U.S. military source, the men are heard chanting, "Mujaheddin!"

They then proceeded to shout: "God is great and long life to Ameer ul momeneen Mullah Haybat Uallah Akhunzada!"

Mujaheddin refers to guerilla fighters in Arabic, and "Ameer ul momeneen" is a phrase of endearment. Meanwhile, Mullah Haybat Uallah Akhunzada is the supreme leader of the Taliban, Deccan Herald reported.

"Shoot him! He has to look shot," the group leader shouts at the end of the video and the fighters line up to shoot the unidentified victim.

“These people commit crimes against humanity that pale in comparison to other groups in history. Some of their torture methods are to skin a person alive,” Brigadier General Don Bolduc, a Special Ops Commander, said.

Bolduc added that he had seen three decapitated bodies during his 10 tours of Afghanistan.

A woman who moved to India from Afghanistan had also reportedly revealed that the Taliban members have sex with dead bodies.

“They rape dead bodies too. They don’t care whether the person is dead or alive," she said.

The gruesome 36-second footage of the beheading and celebration reportedly emerged after the Taliban spokesman promised amnesty for government workers, claimed that they were not violent, and insisted that their women would have basic human rights.

The Taliban have been accused of decapitating an Afghan soldier and celebrating while holding a victim's severed head. This is a representational image. UNSPLASH

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