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Western Australia Police have taken a 14-year-old student of Willetton Senior High School into custody after allegedly stabbing a female teacher. The Year 8 student who stabbed the teacher while at school on Monday fled the grounds after the incident, triggering a lockdown of the entire facility. The girl was later found by police in the Willetton area before 8 pm.

Authorities confirmed the teacher, who is in her 50s, works as a Year 8 coordinator at the public co-ed school. An ambulance responded to the school around 11:10 am and transported the teacher to Fiona Stanley Hospital where she was treated after sustaining a knife wound on the upper chest but is said to be in stable condition.

According to 7, the incident took place during recess in the student services area, where students go for support and counseling. The school was put on lockdown for about half an hour before classes resumed.

WA Department of Education Director General Lisa Rodgers assured parents that students and staff were given instructions to remain in their classrooms as precaution while awaiting police to conduct a search of the school grounds. “School staff acted immediately to ensure students were kept away from the situation. At no time were any students in danger,” Rodgers said.

Police are still looking into the matter and will release more details of the incident within the week. Willetton SHS principal Trevor Hunter said he had sent an email to parents and carers addressing the incident just before classes ended. He reassured the parents that should their child need any additional support from the school, he and any other member of the administrative staff are there for them.

Meanwhile, State School Teachers’ Union of WA president Pat Byrne expressed concern, saying the incident was a reminder of the “dangers teachers face and the need for constant improvements around safety in schools”. “The SSTUWA is deeply disturbed by the incident at Willetton Senior High School,” she added. Byrne said the union will be working closely with the Department of Education to ensure the safety of school staff and receive every support they may need to cope with the traumatic incident.

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