A male substitute teacher for a school in Austin, Texas was dismissed on Friday, Dec. 3, after a video of him singing Britney Spears’ 2003 hit song “Toxic” during class hours instead of doing the lesson plan went viral online.

The substitute, who was not named to the press, was reportedly sacked after he brought a karaoke machine and disco lights to class and sang the lyrics to “Toxic,” deviating significantly from the lesson plan prescribed by the school, according to the Independent.

His intentions behind bringing a karaoke machine and disco lights to class remain unclear.

A video clip of the singing subsequently went viral on TikTok. An Austin Independent School District spokesperson said that the teacher was dismissed that Friday afternoon for not following the school’s rules of conduct for the staff, according to NBC affiliate News 4 San Antonio.

“It was simply a case of a substitute not following our practices,” the spokesperson said, saying that all the proper processes were followed for his dismissal.

Asked to comment regarding the singing in the class, the spokesperson was glib, saying “I’ve heard worse Britney Spears covers, but the lights are a bit much.”

The substitute teacher has reportedly found employment in another Austin high school.

This news comes nearly a month after the #FreeBritney campaign successfully ended her 13-year conservatorship which was run by her father, James “Jamie” Spears, who was reportedly abusive to her health and well-being, NBC News reported.

Among the accusations levied against Jamie Spears are financial mismanagement, forcing birth control on Britney, and restricting access to Britney’s children as a way of maintaining control over the singer.

“They’re telling me lies about me openly. Even my family, they do interviews to anyone they want on news stations, my own family doing interviews, and talking about the situation and making me feel so stupid,” Britney Spears said during her testimony. “And I can’t say one thing.”

A substitute teacher in Austin was fired on Friday after he was caught singing the 2003 Britney Spears song "Toxic" instead of doing his teaching plan. This is a representational image. Nikola Đuza/Unsplash.

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