A 13-year-old died after bullets flew through his bedroom window and struck his head. Cops said that they have arrested a suspect in connection with the incident that happened in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

On Saturday night, James Deanthony Reed, 18, was charged with capital murder in Kei’lan Allen's death, and is currently being held without bond, reported WBRC.

The victim was playing on his iPad in his bedroom and his mom was down in the hall when bullets flew through his room's window and struck him in the head, said authorities, who also shared that the teen died at his home.

Tuscaloosa Police Department Violent Crimes Unit Captain Marty Sellers said that he was a true victim, who was minding his own business, and that he was someone who did not do anything to deserve being shot, "not that anyone ever does, but sometimes victims contribute to their own demise, but he certainly did not do that."

The suspect seemed to be targeting an older family member, believe authorities. The arrest comes after Allen was fatally shot Friday evening, and was found by cops with a gunshot wound to his head, according to ABC News.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley called the incident "a senseless murder," and said that they often see adults being shot which is terrible, but when a kid is shot, it "takes it to another level," and promised to do everything to make arrests.

Police said that there were so many shell casings near the boy's house that cops "had to pull business cards from their wallets to fold and use as temporary evidence markers until more could be brought to the scene."

Authorities said that the victim's parents helplessly stood across the street and watched as the ambulance drove away.

The victim's cousin, Corey Prewitt, said that he was a smart boy, who probably had more than 30 books in his room, according to Al.com. Prewitt added that Allen probably didn't hear the gunshots as he was wearing headphones, and said that he was pretty sure it was an AR-pistol that struck his cousin's head. More than 10 bullets entered Allen's room and more flew in other parts of his house.

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