A home intruder who has attempted to claim a house in Valley Springs that was legally bought by its current owners was killed on Sunday, after attempting another home invasion to claim the property as his.

Lennin Elizalde, a 28-year-old man from California, was killed by a homeowner after he broke into the man’s residence in Valley Springs again, attempting to claim the home by violently attacking one of its occupants, according to Insider.

Elizalde, who was the son of the former owner of the Valley Springs home, first attempted to claim the place just as the new occupants were moving into the area on Oct. 9. He allegedly broke a side door to enter and refused to leave until 911 was called, according to CBS Sacramento.

When he was first arrested, he was charged with illegal entry into a dwelling, vandalism, and possession of methamphetamine. He told the officers arresting him that he intended to return to the residence again, once he is released.

A deputy working for the police asked the judge to increase the bail amount due to these remarks, but the judge refused due to the fact that his charges were only a misdemeanor, allowing him to post bail and return to the property by midnight of the next day.

Nobody has been arrested for the death of Elizalde, which is being seen as an action done in self-defense. Both were taken to a local hospital to recover from the injuries that Elizalde caused them.

The local Sheriff’s office has said that the home was vacant when it was first bought and that Elizalde was not living in the house nor keeping his personal belongings in the area, causing the Sheriff’s office to question the strength of Elizalde’s claim.

The Valley Springs community has been shaken by the incident, with many locking their doors and increasing security as they are eager to prevent another incident from happening again.

New homeowners of a residence in Valley Springs were in for a surprise as an intruder who used to live in the area attempted to break in and eject the residents of the home. This is a representational image. Taylor Simpson/Unsplash.