An 18-year-old boy was handed an 11-year and 4-month jail sentence for several disturbing plots tied to terrorism. That included a plot to kill an Asian friend who slept with white chicks.

The teen was identified as Matthew Cronjager who was already facing previous charges for acts of terrorism. Per reports, the 18-year-old tried to get hold of a 3-D printed gun or a sawn-off handgun to kill his Asian friend he called a “cockroach.”

Beyond that, Cronjager also set himself up to be the boss of an alleged right-wing terror cell and even created an online library where he could share right-wing propaganda and explosive-making manuals.

His plans were uncovered by an undercover police officer after infiltrating a group on Telegram called The British Hand.

The court heard how Cronjager wanted to start a revolution based on his fascist beliefs. This included his hate for non-white people, as well as Jews and Muslims. He was also against people who had different sexual orientations to him.

He also reportedly tried to lead a UK division of an extreme right-wing group that was known as Exiled 393. Cronjager allegedly told members that his time being a former army cadet was why he had the necessary skills.

His case went as far as setting up a PayPal account so he could get funds to buy weapons and other items for the said group. The court was told that Cronjager had planned to arm the group before they carried out a planned attack.

In all, the 18-year-old was charged with acts of terrorism at the Old Bailey as well as disseminating terrorism publications on Telegram.

Cronjager was sentenced on Tuesday, Oct. 19, and will serve 11 years and 4 months in youth detention.

Cronjager was branded as bright and intelligent by Judge Mark Lucraft QC, something that raised more concern, especially with the content of the messages he sent on Telegram.

According to Cronjager’s legal representative, the 18-year-old regrets the harm, he has caused and offered to apologize. He deemed his client’s acts as immature but may still be somehow integrated into society someday.

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