A driver with the Uber Eats delivery system, physically assaulted a teenager after he delivered the food to her place.

The accused forced his entry into the victim’s house, groped her, kissed her, and then tried to hug her multiple times. Initially, the accused denied all charges, but later pleaded guilty. The driver has been sentenced by Minshull Street Crown Court, in the United Kingdom.

24-year-old Muhammad Junaid was a delivery driver with Uber Eats when a 16-year-old girl ordered food from McDonald’s on Aug. 26, 2019, at around 2:45 p.m. After he delivered the food to the girl’s house, the accused walked inside the girl’s house and asked her to give him a rating on the app. He later snatched away her phone from her hand and gave himself a rating.

Later, he forcefully kissed the victim on her cheek and pulled her closer for a hug. She tried to push the accused away. The accused groped her by moving his hand behind the victim. Junaid, who is a former resident of Denton, again tried to hug the victim.

In the process of molesting her, he pulled the blanket from the victim, who was wearing it. The victim screamed on top of her lungs after this, which was incidentally heard by the neighbors, as reported by the Manchester Evening News.

Initially, the accused denied the charges of sexual assault. He claimed to the investigating officers that he dropped the food in the corner of the hallway and left. Later he pleaded guilty.

Jonathan Turner, the accused’s defense lawyer said that the accused has lost his job at Uber Eats and Just Eats, as the police got involved. Being unemployed, he tried to get a job at a warehouse. However, being an immigrant, language difficulties came in the way of his employment, the Daily Star reported.

Turner also pointed out that a three-year community order is a bit too excessive.

The driver was charged with a three-year community order. And additional charges of thirty-day rehabilitation activity, staying at the same address for the next six months, and compensation of £100 ($135). Junaid was also registered under the Register of the Sex Offenders, for five years.

Rape Victim
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