'Tres Veces Ana' Vs 'El Señor De Los Cielos'
Telemundo counter-programmed the "Tres Veces Ana" premiere on Univision with "El Señor De Los Cielos" igniting a ratings battle. Televisa/Telemundo

The war for the ratings crown has been declared. Telemundo announced that they will be counter-programming the "Tres Veces Ana" telenovela premiere on Univision with a special 2-hour episode of "El Señor De Los Cielos." Univision was the first to announced the special 2-hour event of the Angelique Boyer starring production. The Spanish-language network has its hopes on this soap to be an out of the gate hit as "Yago" has not performed up to its expectations. In an effort to block viewers from tuning in to the premiere, Telemundo will continue with the Aurelio Casillas saga one hour earlier than usual. Both shows will air on Monday, May 23 at 9pm/8c. What will you be watching?

"El Señor De Los Cielos" has been a hit for Telemundo this year, now in its fourth season. The storyline has Aurelio Casillas searching for a kidney donor as he is in dire need of one. Casillas fears death and is on the hunt for his biological children from all the women he has bed in the past. One of them had an STD and he wasn't able to donate. Another one of his son's betrayed him with his enemy El Feyo and willing to reveal Aurelio's hideout. The kid, instead faced death. El Feyo knew that Aurelio was looking for a kidney transplant and purposely shot the kid in the kidney area. Now all hell is going to break lose as "El Señor De Los Cielos" faces more of his enemies. Watch the preview of the 2-hour special below!

"Tres Veces Ana" s a contemporary story of sibling rivalry featuring the return of power couple Angelique Boyer, playing triplets with very different personalities, and her real-life partner Sebastián Rulli. After a car accident in their childhood, the mischievous Ana Leticia and handicapped Ana Laura are separated from their free-spirited sister Ana Lucia. The sisters' individual love stories, with three steamy admirers, will present challenges ultimately leading the sisters' lives to intertwine, for better or for worse.

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