A 12-year-old Texas girl is charged with killing both her father and herself as part of a murderous plot with another child.

According to witnesses, the 12-year-old girl and the other girl decided to kill their family members and pets.

It turns out that the child shot her father once in the abdomen in Weatherford, Texas.

The other child, meanwhile, was a native of Lufkin, Texas. She participated in the plan of the Weatherford girl, according to the authorities. The strategy had been in development for "many weeks," officials added.

According to reports, the two kids intended to carry out their murderous pact and then flee to Georgia.

Due to the injuries, the youngsters' age, and the delicate nature of the case, Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier stated on Facebook that the case will be restricted.

The Texas girl's 38-year-old father was discovered inside the home, according to the sheriff's office. According to the NBC DFW News report, the 12-year-old girl was found laying on the roadway with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.

According to the press release, investigators think the Texas teenager shot her father, ran away, and then shot herself.

The young suspect's underwear contained a weapon.

The murder plot's Lufkin girl accomplice decided not to carry out their plan to kill their own family members and pets.

It doesn't matter if they live in a little town or a major city, said Jessica Pebsworth, the director of communications for Lufkin, adding that incidents like that still occur.

Then Pebsworth used the occasion to warn parents to be aware of whoever their kids are friends with, whether it is in the classroom, on social networking apps, or on gaming consoles.

The Lufkin girl is accused of criminal conspiracy despite opting not to carry out the plot.

The Weatherford girl was discovered with what appeared to be a head wound from a gunshot. According to reports, the responders used an ambulance to transport the man and the Texas child to nearby hospitals.

Regarding the two people's conditions and if the Texas girl had been charged, a sheriff's office representative did not react right away.

To protect the identity of the girl and since the agency does not identify minor suspects, the sheriff's office also withheld the man's name.

About 230 miles to the southeast of Weatherford is Lufkin. The involvement of the Lufkin girl who abandoned the murderous plot is also being looked into by Lufkin police.

KVUE, citing a Texas law, said a minor who is taken into custody must be transferred directly to a juvenile processing facility, where their guardian or parent must be notified right away.

If there is reason to believe that a minor has broken a law, police enforcement may take the child into custody.

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