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Thanksgiving 2021, the annual holiday, full of bountiful meals such as turkeys and pumpkin pies is just around the corner. It is time to celebrate all the plentiful harvests for the past year. No matter what life offers, simple gratitude and acceptance are the true essences of Thanksgiving.

Coronavirus has wrecked havoc for more than a year now, and has caused significant losses in our lives. Still, Thanksgiving 2021 is something to be recognized. And, with vaccination going on in full swing, people are finding the strength to move forward.

But, what do you miss the most? Here are a few things people probably miss doing during Thanksgiving day:

Gather together as a family

Thanksgiving is supposedly the day where people gather together to enjoy some meals while catching up with each other’s lives. However, this year might be far different from the past years before the pandemic. The time of togetherness and meal sharing might happen virtually, once again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has encouraged people to scale down Thanksgiving parties this year, recommending smaller gatherings than usual or a virtual dinner with families and friends.

Celebrate the usual turkey trot

This year will not be the same as before. Though some places permit the celebration of turkey trot events, many preventive measures need to be observed to create a healthy event for the runners and facilitators. It includes wearing masks, running in groups is prohibited and participants are instructed to leave the event area after the run. There are also virtual turkey trot events for everyone's convenience.

Peacefully travel anywhere

For this year’s Thanksgiving, traveling can be done but still with long lists of travel guidelines. Unlike before, everyone is encouraged to travel only if fully vaccinated. Others who are not yet vaccinated can still travel, but they have to undergo tests before and after travel. Check if your airline requires any testing, vaccination, or other requirements. Self-quarantine is also on the must-do list after traveling. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, is required to wear a mask on public transportation.

Of course, as Thanksgiving day is approaching, all are busy planning on what to do. However, we have to admit that we miss the above things about the past holiday celebrations.

There are a lot of restrictions set to lessen the high number of positive COVID-19 cases. Let’s hope that these measures will lead us back to the usual celebrations we used to have once upon a time.

American Thanksgiving meal
Table with elegant place settings and turkey motif during American Thanksgiving meal, with full thanksgiving plate visible, Lafayette, California, November 26, 2020. Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

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