The cause of death of the three American tourists in the Bahamas who died under mysterious circumstances was reported to be carbon monoxide poisoning on Monday, as authorities try to figure out a possible cause of death.

The deaths of Michael Phillips, a 68-year-old Tennessee resident, his 65-year-old partner Robbie Phillips, and 64-year-old Florida resident Vincent Chiarella were reportedly caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, based on the finished autopsy done by a medical examiner, according to the Nassau Guardian.

Their bodies were found on May 6 while they were staying in the Sandals Emerald Bay on the island of Exuma in the Bahamas, where they were found to be unresponsive and without any visible signs of trauma on their bodies, the New York Post reported.

Chiarella’s wife Donnis was also at the scene and hospitalized, but she was able to recover from whatever ailed her husband and the two men. She was sent to Miami's Kendall Hospital, though it is unclear if she is still confined there and recovering, according to CNN.

The investigation on what caused the deaths is ongoing, with investigations varying from the food that was served to them to a possibly faulty air-conditioning system. The families also demanded an independent autopsy of the three tourists.

The four of them were seen by medics the night before the incident due to illness which at the time was attributed to food poisoning, in spite of the fact that the four of them ate at different places in different times.

“There’s still some investigations ongoing at the Sandals resort. We also have the pathologists in-country who have done their job and samples were sent to a very reliable lab in the United States,” Dr. Michael Darville said.

The families continue to grieve the death of the three as they continue to push for accountability on the deaths of the tourists.

“Our hearts are grieving and broken but full of hope,” Caroline Phillips Fortenberry, the Phillips’ daughter, said. “We know our mom and dad are experiencing fullness of joy in our heavenly Father's presence. We already miss them terribly. Our parents left a legacy of faith in Jesus and generously loved their family and friends.”

The three American tourists who were found dead in a resort in the Bahamas were reported to have died due to carbon monoxide poisoning, based on an autopsy performed on the bodies. This is a representational image. Upgraded Points/Unsplash.

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