Telenovela stars Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco & Kimberly Dos Ramos give us the scoop on their roles in Tierra de Reyes Telemundo Network

Telenovela stars Gonzalo García Vivanco and Kimberly Dos Ramos about the upcoming premier of the fourth version of 'Tierra de Reyes' on Telemundo and their roles of Flavio Gallardo and Irina Del Junco with Latin Times.

Gonzalo's character of Flavio Gallardo is passionate, chauvinistic , impulsive and rebellious , for those men who think with their hormones and only believe in love fur . Represents the archetypal anti-hero ,for his erratic and explosive character, and cynicism that used in certain moments , despite this, has a lot of sympathy generated followers , especially among females .Flavio, gets angry easily and can pass one mood to another without transition. However, he is also cheerful, generous , sensitive and often live intensely . Gallardo, has a weakness for money and social standing.

Kimberly's character of Irina Del Junco is an adventurer , lover of the good life , flirtatious , uninhibited and unprejudiced able to have more than one romantic relationship at a time without any shame. She passes from party to party , pouring money into the hands full and indulging her passions, because, in her words, she came into the world to have fun. But she meets a man who will change all their schemes and achieve what was impossible for Cayetana : the black sheep to become princess.

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