TikTok stars The Smithy Family are safe after their car and house were destroyed in a fire.

It took around 25 firefighters and 90 minutes to control the fire started by a car at Nick Smith's residence in south-east London on Wednesday night, reported BBC. Police said that the cause of the suspected arson is being probed.

According to Daily Mail, two suspects were caught on a security camera running down the street towards a bridge after they had set the car on fire. One of them poured fuel or some other inflammable liquid into the family's car while the other recorded the moment on his phone as the vehicle was set on fire.

The Smithy Family consists of father Nick, his partner Jess and their two kids. They have 2.5 million followers on TikTok.

Nick said that two people were responsible for the fire and they could have killed his family. "This has caused the best part of £40,000 ($55,272) damage to the house, which I've spent the last five-years doing up," he said. He claimed to have caught the culprits "red handed on camera."

The influencer said that his family has had three months of stress as they had been getting threats online. He said that people would come by and smash the cars's windows. "People have been delivering takeaways to the house as well as prostitutes," said Nick.

The flames and heat from the car ruined the front door and damaged some of the windows while the smoke turned the front of the house black. However, the family managed to escape Nick said that they all got out the house okay, reported The Sun.

He shared that his kids and dogs are doing okay, but the house is not okay. He also had message for those "who have done this, you could have killed our family and not only our family, my neighbors, my friends." For him, this is "unforgivable.”

Neighbor Lisa Ring shared how Nick passed his daughters; Amelia, 6, and nine-year-old Isabella and his baby boy, Teddy, to her over their garden fence.

According to Ring, the local community are shocked that somebody could think of targeting the TikTok stars. She thinks that people are "obviously jealous that he seems to make money out of TikTok" and they are popular on social media. She described Nick as a "real family man and he says that it's his ideal job because he loves spending time at home" with his family.

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