"Titanfall 2" news, rumors and speculations. Titanfall

Looks like fans may actually see "Titanfall 2" launch sometime this year. According to UK retailer GAME, the Respawn title will be coming in 2016. On the UK stores website there is a "TBC 2016" release window, reports VideoGamer. While this date could be a placeholder, it does match up with previous reports.

A 2016 launch date was rumored back in February when MacFarlane Toys said it would be releasing "Titanfall 2" toys alongside the game's release this year.

According to IGN, "Titanfall 2" is scheduled to release during the second half of the publisher's, EA, fiscal year. That could mean the title could come sometime between October 2016 and March 2017. This is also the same release window at "Mass Effect Andromeda" and the next mainline "Battlefield" title.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Respawn released its first teaser for the title, which also revealed a worldwide announcement will be made on June 12.

EA says "Titanfall 2's" unveiling will happen Sunday, June 12. This will more than likely go down at EA Play, which is the company's E3 replacement media event.

Furthermore, mech swords were seen in the "Titanfall 2" teaser, which points to the game getting an upgrade in its weaponry. In the teaser, we first see a slowly-opening drop pod. We then see the leg of a Titan appear, and then get the sharp electric drop of a mech sword.

The first "Titanfall" was released back in 2014 as an Xbox exclusive title. The sequel, however, is said to launch on consoles for both Xbox and PlayStation systems, as had been rumored. The game is also rumored to feature a single-player campaign, which was missing in the first "Titanfall" game.

EA nor Respawn has yet to confirm if the placeholder date is true or not and if they don't we'll just have to wait for the announcement in June.

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