Nameberry has announced the top 100 baby names for 2013. Imogen tops out the girls list at number one and Asher holds the top spot for the boys list. Each list holds a set of unique names such as Seraphina, Ekodie, Atticus and Soren. Nameberry calculates the top baby names by tabulating the number of unique page views each name receives out of the 20 million views the baby name pages received in 2013. While a number of unusual names top the list, old classics like, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Jack and William appear as well.

The number one girls’ name in 2013 comes from Shakespeare. Imogen is a character from “Cymbeline.” The princess is beautiful, strong and resourceful and angers her father when she marries the lowborn Posthumus and not Cloten, Cymbeline’s oaf-like stepson. So beware fathers that name their daughter Imogen. You are likely to have your hands full with this little one. According to Nameberry Imogen has never before been in the top 1,000 popular baby names. The site says the choice shows a trend in baby names beginning with vowels.

Asher, a biblical name takes the number one spot on the list of popular boys names. Asher knocks Finn from the top spot down to third. Calculating the baby names beginning with vowels trend Nameberry found that more boys’ names are beginning with A, E, I and O. Unisex names or I are also a popular choice with Rowan, Quinn and Kai in the top three. Last year the most popular girl’s name was Katniss after the main character from the popular “Hunger Games” series.

Speaking with ABC, Baby Center Global Editor in Chief, Linda Murray said, “One of the biggest trends we see this year is a growing desire among new parents to choose a baby name with personal meaning. Family names are all the rage, and grandparents are the number one source of inspiration for new parents. This year, more than half of moms say they found name inspiration in people they know. Celebrity influence is on the decline." For the full list of the 100 baby names head to Below is the top 10 boys and girls names for 2013.

Girls: Imogen 2. Charlotte 3. Harper  4. Isla 5. Amelia 6. Evelyn 7. Penelope 8. Eleanor 9. Cora 10. Violet

Boys: Asher 2. Declan 3. Finn 4. Atticus 5. Oliver 6. Henry 7. Emmett 8. James 9. Jude 10. Owen