Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly were spotted together on Friday in New York City, just as the paparazzi snapped them arriving at the show host’s apartment.

The casually dressed couple wore masks, and seemed to be in a hurry to get going. By the looks of it, Kelly seemed to be moving into Noah’s apartment as she lugged her bags along, just as he handled her dog, Freddy, who was on a leash. The moving in is a BIG cue to things heading in the right direction, and has fuelled all the speculations that surrounded the new couple in the recent past.

While the public appearance came forth as a pleasant surprise and set tongues wagging, folks close to the couple believe that things were brewing long before the quarantine.

Noah and Kelly may have been tight-lipped about their relationship, but sources close to the couple suggest that things are pretty intense between the two. “They're very happy,” said an insider to a media outlet. “It's a very serious relationship,” added the source.

Noah and his reported girlfriend have had their share of relationships, where the former was romantically linked to Jordyn Taylor from 2015 to 2018. Kelly’s much-publicized affair with “Avengers: Endgame” star Chris Evans was short-lived despite, the two reuniting with each other years after their break-up in 2007. The couple parted ways not long before Evans found love in Jenny Slate.

The show host has however always chosen to be discreet about his personal life and is largely known to be vocal about gnawing political and social issues -- issues pertaining to racial injustice in the United States, for that matter. Kelly too has expressed her support in the fight for justice for Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, and other individuals of color who were killed in police custody.

Kelly has done a fair share of roles but is yet to land her big break that’d probably establish her among those in the big league. The actress is largely known for her role in “Jane the Virgin”, “Parenthood” and was one of the leading actresses in “Charlie’s Angels Reboot”. She’s done several other roles too.

If things pan out exactly the way fans, close friends and onlookers perceive it to be, this could be a Hollywood couple who’s in for the long haul.

Trevor Noah
"The Daily Show's" new host, Trevor Noah, says there's something about Trump that makes him feel like home. Facebook/Comedy Central

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