Former U.S. President Donald Trump had 25 top secret files, 184 classified documents and 67 confidential material, which could have compromised "human intelligence," at his Florida property.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) released a heavily redacted affidavit Thursday. It set out the U.S. government's justifications before the August raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort took place, reported Daily Mail. It included a precise tally of the extent of the classified or secret information that was stored at his property for more than one year.

The Sun reported that 14 boxes taken from Trump’s Florida estate by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) earlier this month contained documents that were marked classified.

The newly unsealed breakdown revealed the amount of high-level secret information that was kept in a basement storage room and other facilities at Trump’s club. According to the document, in total, the former President had "184 classified documents, 67 confidential, 25 top secret and handwritten notes in boxes returned to the National Archives." It also stated that the FBI had "probable cause to believe evidence of obstruction would be found" at his Florida property. The search was also conducted by the FBI as there were fears that the release of classified documents could compromise "clandestine human sources."

According to the signing agent's affidavit, "Based on my training and experience, I know that documents classified at these levels typically contain National Defense Information (NDI)."

The DOJ said that it kept large portions of the documents redacted to protect the identity of members of law enforcement, including FBI agents, and civilian witnesses.

Associated Press reported that irate over the records investigation, Trump issued a statement Friday saying that he and his team have cooperated with the DOJ. He took to Truth Social and first noted that the affidavit was "heavily redacted!" He wrote that nothing was mentioned on "'nuclear,' a total public relations subterfuge by the FBI and DOJ, or our close working relationship regarding document turnover - we gave them much."

The probe is believed to present a political distraction for Trump as he lays the groundwork for a potential presidential run in 2024. There’s also the obvious legal peril.

Donald Trump
Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the America First Agenda Summit, at the Marriott Marquis hotel July 26, 2022 in Washington, DC. Former U.S. President Donald Trump returned to Washington today to deliver the keynote closing address at the summit. The America First Agenda Summit is put on by the American First Policy Institute, a conservative think-tank founded in 2021 by Brooke Rollins and Larry Kudlow, both former advisors to former President Trump. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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