Last month, a Wisconsin restaurant waiter was shot in the face for a missing order and told his three-year-old child that he thought he would die that day and never see him again.

Anthony Rodriguez, 26, has a fractured spine with injuries to his neck and mouth. According to a GoFundMe post that his loved ones set up, a bullet is still trapped in a "precarious area of his throat," and his long-term prognosis is unknown.

Officers arrested Breanta and Bryanna Johnson, the 20-year-old twins accused of attacking Rodriguez on Jan. 30, four days after the incident.

Authorities charged the twins with attempted homicide, according to police. They are each charged with one count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, which carries a maximum sentence of 65 years in prison.

According to local broadcaster WISN-TV, Rodriguez was the lone server working at a George Webb store in Wauwatosa about midnight when the twin sisters got mad over a $3 hamburger missing from their order.

Rodriguez, a father of a two-year-old kid, told Fox 6 that he dished out the twins' food and threw it out since they didn't pay for it.

Rodriguez claimed he requested the sisters to leave, later identified as Breanta and Bryanna Johnson, but they became enraged, and chaos ensued.

Before a bullet was fired, the server claimed he was attacked and body-slammed to the ground.

He said he never expected to be shot as a server.

"I do remember just laying on the ground and just bleeding out," he told WISN.

"I was in so much shock. I don't really remember being in much pain, but I remember kind of internally freaking out and being very scared and just telling myself, 'Wow, I'm probably gonna die here,'" Rodriguez added.

The father was "disappointed that it had to come to this," as he worried he would never see his son again.

Rodriguez's medical care costs have been covered by a fundraiser. He is currently unemployed because he is undergoing rehabilitation.

The damage to his jawbone was visible in scans of his mouth, and the bullet was still trapped in his throat.

Rodriguez was released from the hospital with a neck brace to stabilize a section of his spine that the gunshot broke more than two weeks after the occurrence.

Anne Marrie, who organized the fundraising on behalf of the family, said Anthony is a walking miracle.

Instead of going straight back in what would have been a deadly shot, the bullet traveled in between his upper lip and nose, taking out his teeth and entering the neck near the back of his throat, where it curled around his head and fractured in his spine and the back of his skull.

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