Two 13-year-old girls have been arrested in Indiana on Friday, Oct.29, after a list of theirs detailing the classmates that they wanted to murder in preparation for the school dance was found to be circulating on social media.

The two girls, who are unnamed as of this time because of their age, were taken into custody after their alleged "kill list" was passed around on an unspecified social media site. The authorities notified the school administrators in LaVille Junior and Senior High School of the list and informed them of the danger that existed, according to Law&Order.

“Around noon today officials at the LaVille Jr./Sr. High School were made aware of students circulating on social media a list of student’s names that two students intended to do harm to at a school dance,” a police statement said.

“School officials immediately contacted the Indiana State Police Bremen Post, and an investigation began,” the statement continued.

A Facebook post was made by the school to explain the situation to the parents after the fact, the statement included assurance that the dance continued on as planned and that additional law enforcement guarded the event to prevent any incident from happening.

However, concerned parents complained about how they were not informed until after the dance about the incident, many claiming that they found out about the attempt first on local television news instead of from the school.

The girls were arrested for intimidation and conspiracy to commit murder, and they are under custody of the Thomas N. Frederick Juvenile Justice Center as of this writing. The police said that the local Prosecutor’s Office is deliberating whether to push forward pressing charges against the teens, Western Slope Now reported.

It is not yet known why the girls themselves created the list in the first place, nor has the names of the teens on the list or their relationship with the girls been publicized as the case is currently under investigation. Law enforcement noted that the conspiracy bore a resemblance to the plot of the Stephen King novel turned cult film "Carrie," a Brian De Palma horror flick starring Sissy Spacek as the eponymous character.

A school dance in Indiana was put in danger on Friday as a murder list from two girls in the student body was passed around on social media in the afternoon before the dance. This is a representational image. Todd Cravens/Unsplash.

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