A young dancer, Maddie Durdant-Hollamby, was stabbed to death by her 41-year-old boyfriend in August, and her parents said that they will never understand why he did it as he also took his own life.

On Aug. 27, the 22-year-old was murdered by Ben Green at his house in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England then he stabbed himself to death. Their bodies were found alongside one another with stab wounds by cops, according to Daily Mail.

As per to Durdant-Hollamby's parents, she wanted to break up with Green on the night that she was killed. Her mom Rachel said, "We think she actually probably wanted to be able to come home later that evening and say 'I've ended my relationship with Ben and I'm going to go on holiday next week and have a great time.'"

She shared that before their bodies were found at Green's house, the couple were arguing about Durdant-Hollamby going on a holiday without him. It was hard for her parents to believe that she was killed by him as her father Steve said that there were no signs of prior domestic violence.

Inquests will take place in January, and according to police, they were not looking for anyone else in connection with her murder, reported BBC.

The day before Durdant-Hollamby's body was found, her mom used an app and saw that her daughter was at her boyfriend's house, but was not worried about it. She began to be concerned the following day when she got a text from one of her daughter's friends. Durdant-Hollamby had not joined her friends on a group call the previous evening, so one of her friends asked her mom if she had heard from her. Later, her parents learned that she had missed a work meeting, so they grew more concerned.

A friend visited Green's house, but no one answered, so cops were informed.

Steve said that the post-mortem report showed she had not struggled "and then you know what has happened and what Ben has done." He said that the hardest bit about the incident is that they will "never understand the why," and that the reason will never come out.

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