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An Uber driver stands accused of sexually assaulting a sleeping passenger in Las Vegas on Dec. 16. Dawed Mekonene, 30, was arrested on Dec.20 after the female victim approached police two days after the day she was attacked.

According to the New York Post, the victim, who has chosen to remain unidentified, told the cops that she had ordered a ride-sharing service on Dec.16 and Mekonene had accepted. Based on logs of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the woman dozed off in the backseat of the green Toyota Camry and woke up while Mekonene was sexually assaulting her.

Police reports stated the suspect allegedly strangled the woman until she was knocked unconscious. The victim recounts having been pulled out of the car when they arrived at her designated stop as Mekonene tossed out her clothes and belongings at her. All of the events during the drop-off had been caught on surveillance cameras within the vicinity.

The victim went to the police and reported the incident on Dec. 18 at around 1:15 am. She was from out of state.

Meanwhile, Uber records detailed Mekonene’s trip showing the ride had originated at the Las Vegas Strip and ended at an apartment complex about six miles away. It also showed the suspect had allegedly cut the trip midway but then resumed driving after 22 minutes ending at the victim's original requested stop.

An Uber spokesperson said the company is assisting authorities in the investigation while reassuring they had deactivated the driver. Uber added that their process for hiring potential drivers includes background checks and that they do share driver information with Lyft.

Meanwhile, Mekonene will be facing charges of sexually motivated kidnapping, battery by strangulation with intent to commit sexual assault as well as two counts of sexual assault. The suspect remains in jail, however, the kidnapping charge against him have been dropped.

He has also been ordered held on $200,000 cash bail with another court date scheduled for Wednesday. Mekonene was booked and charged under the LVMPD Sexual Offender Apprehension Program and booked into Clark County Detention Center.

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A man reportedly got a bill of $39,317 from Uber after he booked a 15-minute ride in Manchester, England. This is a representational image. Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images