Self-proclaimed unidentified flying object (UFO) expert Scott C. Waring is trying his best to prove that there is an alien base on Mars.

An ancient structure has reportedly been discovered in a crater on the planet, which is millions of miles away from Earth. According to Waring, the structure is buried by thousands of years of wind blown sand and dirt, reported Daily Star. Mars is about 34 million miles away from our planet, which makes it impossible for the new evidence to be investigated by archeologists.

Earlier this month, Waring claimed that he had found a 25 km (15.5343 miles) wide alien base, which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is hiding from the masses. Waring, who is popular for his outrageous UFO and alien life theories, recently took to Twitter to share the new evidence. He tweeted that he found a 25 km base on the red planet, and that NASA doesn't want people to know about it.

While explaining, he said that the alien base is located near Sulci Gordii which are subparallel furrows and ridges in the rocks of Mars.

The extraterritorial enthusiast also discussed the "mind-blowing" discovery of the 25 km "facility" on the red planet in a YouTube video.

According to The Sun, the video opens with him greeting his fans. He says in the clip that he got something "kind of interesting for you - it's a 25 km facility on the planet Mars".

In the past also, he claimed to have spotted an alien's face carved in rocks on Mars. According to him, the carving could be up to "100,000 years old" which could be an evidence of alien life on Mars. He said that he found an "ancient alien face carved into the top side of the mountain. It shows the side profile of an almost human-like alien species." He added that the face "gives us some idea of what the aliens looked like on Mars long ago." He believed that they were intelligent since they carved "this face in the side of the mountain." He called it an "undeniable proof that intelligent life once roamed the surface of Mars."

Representation Image Humanoid alien figure Pawel86 / Pixabay

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