Kate Middleton fulfills her everyday duties as the Duchess of Cambridge and future queen consort. As royalty, she exhibits gracefulness and impeccable style in every aspect of her public appearance. The duchess lives a fairytale life, but there are things that make her human.

Ever wonder how a royalty’s, like Kate’s, regular day is like? Uncover how the Duchess of Cambridge lives on a daily life while upholding to royal standards.


The duchess managed to stay in shape, even more toned now than before, despite having three kids. Everyone close to Kate knows she is a fitness buff and does not have any personal trainer. She invests in running and playing tennis. She spends at least an hour for exercise, which is often a mix of skipping and indoor rowing then interval training. She also is a fan of crossfit.

Cooking Breakfast

Kate and her sister, Pippa Middleton, are advocates of fitness. Her great physique is attributed to her love for exercise and healthy food. The royal mom reportedly cooks breakfast herself despite having a team of royal butlers and kitchen staff.

Kate also swears by family recipes. She used a family recipe to make granny’s chutney as her gift to the Queen.

School Drop Off

Kate is known to be a hands-on mother to her three children, balancing her time as a duchess and mother. But motherhood always starts her day. She and Prince William, if not on tour, drops off Prince George and Princess Charlotte to school. The two royal kids go to separate schools, which means Prince William and Kate have to make two stops before they start their royal duties.

Five Outfit Change

If you wonder how the duchess always appears fashionable and polished, it is because she changes wardrobe up to five times a day. One of the stated reasons for this is that her outfit requirement for each schedule is different from the other.

Royal Duties

Prince William and Kate’s daily duties include attending charities, meeting with organizations and being present in formal events. Also, one of Kate’s tasks as Duchess of Cambridge and future queen consort is to represent the Queen in tours, official engagements and ceremonies.

Princess Charlotte’s Ballet

If time permits, Prince William and Kate bring Princess Charlotte to her ballet class. The duchess once shared that her daughter loves to dance.

“Game Of Thrones” Night

Prince William and Kate confessed their love for HBO’s “Game Of Thrones.” If they have an extra time to spare at night (which comes rarely, as he described), William and Kate love to binge-watch GOT together in their most comfortable clothes.