A woman was found wandering naked inside the Denver International Airport last month as shocked passengers were asked candid questions by the identified woman, who seemed to be in the middle of a mental health-related issue in a dumbfounding incident that has left authorities baffled.

The woman, who was not named to the press possibly to protect her anonymity, reportedly had no luggage and was only carrying around a thermos of some sort as she waited out of near a terminal gate. Otherwise, she was completely naked from head to toe, according to CBS Denver.

In a one-minute video, which has not been released to the public, the woman is shown greeting passengers in many different ways as they pass through the area, with some of the passengers and bystanders filming her reaction for content.

She was seen in the terminal near Gate A-37, and many people gawked as they looked at her nude figure. She laughed as she asked her questions, according to the New York Post.

“How are you doing? Where are you from?” she said to passers-by.

The airport police were informed of the naked woman, and officers ran there and attempted to get a large blanket over her body to cover her up. She avoided the airport police deftly as they struggled to get her in the blanket, but they were able to lead her out of the scene safely.

The paperwork for the incident states that “[This is a] report of an intoxicated female completely nude. Officers.. responded and located the female running around the concourse having some type of medical issue. Paramedics were called code 10 (which indicates an emergency response).”

“The female, was transported to University Hospital by ambulance due to an undetermined medical episode," the report continued.

Video of the incident has not gone online, but news organizations were able to acquire CCTV footage of what happened, though they have chosen not to release this due to the possible mental health problems that the vulnerable woman has.

An unnamed woman was found walking naked in an airport as many speculate how the woman was able to enter the area without a passport or why she was naked in the first place. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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