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Deputy district attorney in Orange County, California, Kelly Ernby has died of complications from COVID-19 earlier this week. The 46-year-old rising Republican star known for always speaking strongly against vaccine mandates pushed her political stance on medical freedom even before the Covid pandemic spread across the globe.

According to Fox News, Ernby’s husband confirmed she was not vaccinated. Vaccine supporters and social media netizens quickly took to their keypads to mock her death.

On her Facebook page “Kelly Ernby for Assembly”, GIFs of Charles Darwin with a thumbs-up sign were posted on the comments section in reference to a mockery of people deserving the “Darwin Awards” for the manner of their deaths. Others were a little more verbal.

"2022 is the year the very stupid are taken out by mother nature,” one person wrote.

At the same time, Twittersphere had its own share of rash comments for Ernby under her latest tweet posted early December prior to contracting the virus.

"Why argue with an Anti-Vaxer when you could just wait."

Most known advocates against COVID-19 vaccine mandates who have died of the disease have faced similar gloating comments on social media. Although many who have disagreed with Ernby’s political stances still had kind words of sympathy with several others questioning the state of grace and humanity the pandemic has brought on people.

Ernby was poised to run for a seat in the state assembly in the coming elections after losing in a primary back in 2020. She had been highly visible at anti-Covid vaccine rallies over a month ago and had always railed against new immunization laws that required California schoolchildren to be vaccinated. She had loudly expressed her stance on vaccine mandates comparing the ongoing political division to the fight against socialism in the 1960s.

“I don't think that the government should be involved in mandating what vaccines people are taking,” she explained during an online town hall in 2019. “I think that's a decision between doctors and their patients…. If the government is going to mandate vaccines, what else are they going to mandate?'”

Ernby is survived by her husband, Axel, a self-employed management consultant in Huntington Beach.

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The Freedom Rally proceeds down Victoria street on December 18, 2021 in London, England. Following government Covid 'Plan B' restrictions being introduced, protesters gathered to hand out leaflets to the general public and demonstrate against vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations for NHS workers, medical apartheid, communism, a social credit system and any further lockdowns. Photo by Guy Smallman/Getty Images

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