Verónica Castro is finally speaking out about her son Cristian Castro's quick wedding and quick divorce. The "Rosa Salvaje" telenovela star was at a Netflix event in México and said: "My son is happy, let him continue getting married and getting divorced." The cheeky response is what we are living for today and couldn't expect any less from the legend herself. There's one thing that she is only concerned about as she said: "It would worry me more to know that he's with a person where he's unhappy. So if he's happy and that's what makes him happy, I am happy as well." Castro also added that she had advised Cristian that he shouldn't rush into things but he had made his decision and went through with it.

Verónica Castro didn't attend Cristian's wedding to Carol Victoria Urban as she initially thought he was joking. "They did it all so unexpectedly," she told "Ventaneando." "I don't know why they did it that way, but that's how they decided to get married and that's fine. Oh well, what can we do?" She also added: "[Cristian] sent me a little card last week and it said that he was going to get married. I told myself, 'no, no, no, it's a joke, this can't be true.' It's Cristian and he's my son, I know how he is. It was a little card that was very normal."

Cristian Castro and Carol Victoria split up during their honeymoon. The Mexican singer confirmed the split from his wife during their honeymoon to a tv show in Argentina. "Obviously I am appalled, concerned because this is not a joke, it's not a game and well, too bad," he said. "My life has been marked like this. I play for marriage too fast sometimes and for love and then you realize that we don't get along. That is the truth." 

"The official version is that we don't know each other well, we didn't give us time to get to know one another," he added. "That is the real version and that is why all these things happened, misunderstandings. There were character traits from both of us that we didn't see beforehand." About when the breakup happened he said: "It was during the honeymoon, we ended it 28 days after getting married. It's shameful, I am ashamed, but that how destiny made it happen, I fulfilled in trying to make things right and I think she did the same as well, but it simply wasn't meant to be."

Carol has remained relatively silent over the split, but according to "La Taquilla" the violinist said: "I am in Europe, this is where I have lived for more than a decade, continuing with my musical activities and finalizing my master's degree and dying of the heat."

In a further interview Cristian Castro continued to be asked about his split. He visited "Showmatch" during the "Bailando 2017" finale where he as asked about his divorce. "Should I say it in Argentina or Mexican?," the singer joked with the presenter Marcelo Tinelli. "What happens is that I always bet on love rapidly and it always turns out bad. We rushed it, we bet to lose a lot or to gain a lot and we ended up losing a lot." Castro poked fun at the host's multiple divorces saying, "I wanted to beat your record Tinelli," to which the presenter acknowledged he had two divorces and Cristian said: "That's why, I am about to have three."