Two Canadians were found dead in a resort apartment in Mexico on Tuesday, with one of the murder victims found to be wanted by Interpol for international fraud charges and possessing multiple identities within their belongings.

The man and woman’s identities have not been released to the public, but police officers in Playa del Carmen in Mexico have identified the man as being wanted by Interpol for fraud charges, the extent of which has not been specified by the officers at hand, according to the Daily Beast.

The two were reportedly killed via knife wounds. A third person, reported to be a security guard in the area, was said to be injured as well, though it is unclear as of press time if the injuries are related to the dead couple, the Guardian reported.

The prosecutors in Quintana Roo state have yet to reveal a possible motive regarding the killing, and the Canadian government has not indicated whether or not the Mexican police have shared with them a possible motive for the deaths of the couple.

Playa del Carmen, while a popular resort spot in Mexico for international tourists, is also constantly in conflict due to the presence of drug cartels in the area, to the point where a 2016 report ascertained that the murder rate of the area was said to be 37 people per 10,000 residents.

As recently as March, four men were found dead by police officers in a housing development, with the way their bodies were left on the road suggesting to officers that the men were killed by a local gang or cartel.

Multiple shootouts between gang members have also occurred in the resorts of the area in an attempt to control or take over the drug sales of the area. The shootouts have claimed the lives of multiple tourists in the process.

Among the tourists killed were two Canadians in January, as well as an Indian-born Californian travel blogger and a German tourist in October. Two suspected drug dealers were also killed in November in a shootout in Puerto Morelos near Playa del Carmen.

Two Canadians in Playa del Carmen in Mexico were found dead from knife wounds by police officers in the area, as the resort-filled town contends with its high murder rate due to cartel activity in the area. This is a representational image. Jaimie Harmsen/Unsplash.

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