A 27-year-old sex offender, who was wanted by the police, was arrested after he allegedly broke into a home naked.

On Dec. 19 around 12.25 pm, Michael Tyler Henegar entered a person’s apartment without taking permission through a back door that was unlocked, reported WVLT 8. Once he was inside the house, he reportedly kept a handheld work light and an impact drill into a children’s bag. He also stole several other items from the house.

The house's owner, Daphne Crowley, found him naked and wearing only her daughter’s new pair of shoes, reported Fox News. She said that she chased him off with a pair of sticks. She couldn't get hold of him as he ran "down the street back into the pathway."

She said that when she returned to her Knoxville home on the day of the incident, she waited for her daughter to open the front door. Once she got inside, she realized that a naked man was also in the house. He was only wearing a pair of shoes that she had bought for her daughter as a Christmas present.

Crowley later calmed down, but at the time of the episode she was "literally shaking" and crying because she found it scary. She said, "You think these people are in your house and they are sex offenders and you have your kids running around and you’re thinking you’re safe."

While she chased the suspect out of her house, she told her daughter to call 911. Once cops arrived, they found Henegar in the woods near her house. Based on what cops found in his possession, Crowley believes that this isn’t the first time he's entered her house and taken her things. She said that when the police found him, they found things that she knew she had purchased and had been looking for. Crowley, who believes he entered through a patio door that her grandchild had left open, now plans to install a security system.

At the time of his arrest, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office was looking for Henegar as he had violated the sex offender registry. After his arrest, he was charged for aggravated burglary (habitation).

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