Tonight CBS will air an all-new "Big Bang Theory" with special guest star Kate Micucci returning as Raj's ex. Micucci played Lucy, Raj's socially awkward girlfriend who had more social anxiety issues than Raj, and that says a lot. Raj and Lucy met at the comic book store and their first date ended in disaster with Lucy sneaking out the bathroom window in order to escape Raj. Later Lucy would explain that she has serious social anxiety and has a hard time speaking to people or being in the same room with a lot of people.

At first the relationship seems perfect, since Raj couldn't speak to women without alcohol and Lucy couldn't speak period they pair would often spend their date nights texting while across the table from one another. As Raj started to fall for Lucy he tried to push her to meet his friends. Lucy's social problems proved to be too much and the pressure of meeting new people caused her to break up with Raj via text message. Raj was devastated but as a result of his heartbreak he learned he could now speak to women without the aid of alcohol.

Tonight on "The Itchy Brain Simulation" Penny will run into Raj's ex Lucy at the Cheesecake Factory. Photos show Lucy sitting at a table while Penny serves her. Penny and Lucy never met so how she'll recognize Lucy is a bit of a mystery. It is possible that Lucy is there looking for Raj and will ask penny, who she must assume is a waitress who would have seen Raj in the past and nothing more, if Raj is there. The official episode synopsis reads that Penny will confront Lucy.

Penny has long been a big sister character for the guys she pals around with and Raj, like Sheldon has a special place in her heart. It was with Penny that Raj realized he could speak to women without being drunk. Penny is one to speak first and think later so the timid and nervous Lucy better prepare herself. Penny is not likely to have anything nice to say to the girl who broke her friend's heart. The question also remains; will Raj and Lucy meet in tonight's episode?

Also happening tonight is another classic battle of wills between Leonard and Sheldon. In order to prove a point to Sheldon Leonard must wear a big, red, itchy sweater for days without taking it off or he will lose to Sheldon. The sweater is oversized and ugly with the word Lenny written across in big yellow stitches. Leonard is left with rashes all over his body and when he shows Penny his blotchy stomach she exclaims, "Is that sweater made of bees?" If you'll be missing tonight's episode of the "Big Bang Theory" you can view it online as well as catch up with any episodes you missed this season.

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