Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Evander Holyfield
The boxing champ is facing controversy after making some bold remarks about homosexuality. Channel5/Initial

Evander Holyfield is a contestant on the 2014 winter edition of "Celebrity Big Brother U.K." and he is already in the middle of controversy. During the Day 2 daily highlight show, Holyfield was in bed chatting with fellow contestant, Luisa Zissman, about gay boxers in the industry. The world champ went on to suggest that homosexuality was not normal and could be cured. "If you were born and your leg was turned this way - what would you do? You go to the doctor and get it fixed back, right?" Holyfield said. "All I'm trying to tell you, you know how handicap people are born... You can't say because they are born that way you can't move that."

Zissman knew the topic would create ripples in the house that is bugged with over 40 cameras and tried to change the subject but the boxer continued. The participants are at the mercy of the public vote and any negative stigma the housemmates receive are perceived by the voting audience at home that can evict the contestants. Evander later added, "It is a choice... Come on, how can you not say you ain't gay unless you're sleeping with the opposite sex?" The next day the boxing champ was reprimanded by Big Brother and called in to the Diary Room.

"Last night in a conversation with Luisa you expressed the view that being gay was not normal and that it could be fixed," Big Brother said. "Big Brother understands these are the views you hold, but they are not the views that are held by a large sector of society and expressing these views will be extremely offensive to many people. Holyfield says he understands and says he was only having a conversation with Luisa, but never apologizes for what he said. Watch the clip down below and tell us if you think Evander was being offensive.

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