Watch ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 3 Episode 5: Don’t Miss Emma And Hook First Kiss In ‘Good Form’ [SPOILERS AND VIDEO]

"Once Upon A Time"
Emma and Hook share their first kiss in "Good Form." Youtube/Once Upon A Time promo

Tonight ABC will air an all-new "Once Upon A Time" at 8 p.m. EDT. Emma and Regina are still working hard to rescue Henry from Peter Pan. Last week Henry's fight against Pan began to wane and the boy began to dance around with the Lost Boys. At first Henry could not hear the "special" music Pan played. Once Henry's resolve began to weaken, Pan's hold on the boy grew stronger and Henry could hear the tune Pan was playing. Peter Pan once warned Emma that by the time she finds Henry he'll never want to leave Neverland.

Last week Rumplestiltskin learned that his son is still alive. Neal makes a discovery of his own when Pan tells him of the prophecy that says Henry will be Rumple's undoing. Neal has never been able to trust his father and when he learns about the prophecy he takes Henry away. Pan is the ruler of Neverland and he is able to find Neal and get Henry back. Henry was under a sleeping spell and wakes without realizing his dad is still alive.

In tonight's episode titled "Good Form" we will see Hook trying to help prince Charming, who is slowly deteriorating from the dream shade poison. Charming did not tell Emma and Snow he is in danger of dying and is hoping to find a cure so that they never know. Tonight we will also see a flashback of Captain Hook before he became the notorious pirate. Hook was once a sailor working for the King of the Enchanted Forest, under his brother's rule as captain.

Photos from "Good Form" show Hook as a fresh faced young sailor eager to due his duty. Something suggests that whatever turns Hook into the notorious pirate will have to do with his brother, Captain Liam. In newly released spoilers from tonight's episode we see Emma trying to convince one of the Lost Boys to help her get Henry back. The boy refuses saying Neverland is his home and that none of Pan's Lost Boys ever want to leave. The Lost Boy then tosses the note Emma wrote for Henry on the ground before walking away.

Also happening tonight is the long awaited first kiss between Hook and Emma. Hook is able to help save Charming from the poison. As a thank you for saving her father Emma lays a very passionate kiss on the pirate. Fans are hoping this kiss will be the first of many for the TV couple dubbed "CaptainSwan." Despite his gratitude to Hook for saving his life Charming warns the pirate to stay away from his daughter. Are you excited for the "CaptainSwan" hook up? Or do you think Emma belongs with Neal?

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