With this stunning and tragic defeat, Brazilians across the globe will be missing Neymar more than ever. However, although the Brazilian striker wasn't on the field, he was certainly in the stadium. Hundreds of fans arrived at Mineirão stadium where Brazil and Germany have played a completely unexpected game: at half-time the Germans were up 5 to nothing! However, Brazilian fans showed up in tribute to Neymar, with hundreds of fans wearing masks, blankets and even the hand signal that the Brazilian number 10 has made famous. 

It all began with a publication of the newspaper Lance on Tuesday which was published with a cover of Neymar's face. Fans could cut out and use the cover as a mask - the publication was inspired by the hashtag #todossomosNeymar ('we are all Neymar').  Just outside the stadium, in groups or individually, thousands of fans gathered wearing the Neymar mask to show that, even tough he is injured, Neymar's spirit was still present at the game, watching his countrymen play. However, it was not to be.

Some fans even dared to not only bring Neymar to the stadium, but also Bruna, the famous girlfriend of the Barcelona player that occupies the covers of most of the gossip magazines in Brazil. Neither Neymar nor his beautiful girlfriend could help the team much however. Brazilians fans have been shocked to witness the defeat at German hands. Neymar was left out of the World Cup after he was kneed in the back by  Colombian Juan Camilo Zuniga, which ultimately caused a fracture in the third lumbar vertebra.