Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a pair of Ukrainian civilian soldiers walked down the aisle in an unusual wedding attire.

Lesya Filimonova and Valeriy Filimonov were dressed in military fatigues for their wedding day in Kyiv Sunday. While the bride wore a veil with her camouflage, the groom donned a military helmet. Both of them wore yellow armbands designating them as members of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces.

The Washington Post reported that they were flanked by soldiers armed with missiles and grenades, and journalists in bulletproof vests. The ceremony was held at a checkpoint off the side of a busy road.

The pair had not seen each other since the beginning of the war that started late last month, according to New York Post. They joined the military reserve “because here we have everything we love, and we have to defend it,” said Filimonova, and added that they have "no intention of giving it away to the enemy.”

The wedding ceremony included spreading incense and a military helmet foisted over the bride's head in lieu of the customary crown. Ruslana, the newlyweds’ 18-year-old daughter, watched the ceremony via video call.

The bride said that it is hard to call "it unconditional happiness in this situation, but we surely feel uplifted." The wedding guests erupted with patriotic fervor when the couple kissed. They shouted, “Glory to the family! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! Glory to the nation! Death to the enemies! Ukraine above all!”

The two have reportedly been together for more than 20 years. They were also greeted by the mayor Vitali Klitschko who congratulated the pair after the wedding, reported The Sun. Klitschko shared a video on Twitter with a caption saying that he greeted the soldiers of "one of the battalions of the capital's defense of the capital." He said that they have been living in a civil marriage for a long time, and "now they have decided to get married." He tweeted that the ceremony took place next to one of the checkpoints, and that "life goes on!"

He also wrote that they "will protect the life of Kyiv, Kyivites, our state!" In the video, the Kyiv mayor can be seen embracing the bride and giving her flowers before kissing her on the cheek for good luck.

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This is a representational image. Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

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