The interest in the British royal family can go from mere fascination to crazy obsession. It’s no wonder why news about the royal family ranges from fashion style to family feuds and even to ridiculous conspiracy theories.

One of the most absurd things thrown at the royal family is the theory that Her Majesty is not human. This may have come from the fact the Queen still manages to fulfill her royal duties with energy despite her age. The Queen is currently 92 years old, and many of her charity engagements have already been passed down to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

One of the first to actually publicly share this nonhuman theory about the Queen is David Icke, former BBC sports reporter and a conspiracy theorist. Icke believes that Queen Elizabeth II belongs to the Annunaki species, a band of reptile humanoids.

One website shared possible proof that Icke’s claim may be true. First, Russian president Vladimir Putin allegedly saw the Queen’s real form, and it’s said to be the reason why the President has kept his distance from the Queen in public functions. The site also claimed that Putin has confided this to his associates.

Second, Princess Diana also purportedly confessed to a healer friend, Christine Fitzgerald, that the Queen and the rest of the Windsors are lizards. Allegedly, the princess called the Queen evil, and she hated her as much as the Queen hated her.

Third and allegedly the most important proof, however, was released by the Palace itself on the royal family’s website. The site released a statement that wrote: “Queen seen by her subjects in a different form.” This is believed to be a confirmation of the conspiracy claims that the Queen is not human. The phrase “While she may not be human,” stated in the second paragraph of the press release, might have in turn strengthened the rumors about the Queen.

The page has been taken down a few moments after it was uploaded. The validity of the source of a screenshot of the website has, however, not been verified, nor did the Palace confirm making such announcement or mistake.

According to one website, the announcement was not uploaded to the royal family’s website, but it circulated internally within the royal office. A junior IT member supposedly leaked the communication to the public.

Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she is congratulated on the news of Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton. Lewis Whyld - WPA Pool/Getty Images