One of the biggest complaints in all of soccer is the dreaded “flopping” or “diving.” For soccer purists it’s one of the oldest and most despised tricks in the book. For players, it has become somewhat of an art form. We too often see fully grown physically fit men scream, cry, wince, whine, collapse, roll and pound their fists in agony as they grab an uninjured limb or body part. Their acting has become more overdramatic than an episode of Lo Que La Vida Me Robo all in the hopes of receiving a foul or card from the referee.

The unnecessary drama is even more prevalent during soccer’s grandest stage, the World Cup. According to the Wall Street Journal, there have been a total of 302 players who through the first 32 games of the World Cup could be seen rolling around the pitch in “pain”, cradled in the fetal position, or simply lying face down on the pitch motionless. The acting auditions took up a total of 2 hours and 12 minutes of game time and left most of the world rolling their collective eyes.

Out of those 302 players, less than ten actually were taken off the pitch due to an injury. With the topic of “flopping” or “diving” brought to the forefront after the NetherlandsArjen Robben’s infamous fall in the box that gave the Dutch a penalty kick in the final seconds of stoppage time against Mexico, the Wall Street Journal conducted a research project to rank the teams at the World Cup who flopped the most.

Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal's rankings for teams that flop the most at the World Cup Wall Street Journal

Their results might surprise you as host nation Brazil was unveiled as the team that “flopped” the most. Ironically, before Neymar’s actual injury that took him out of the remainder of the World Cup, he had more than five “injuries” occur on the pitch that he miraculously recovered from in less than fifteen seconds.

Bosnia and Herzegovina were the virgins of the World Cup this year and I guess didn’t get the memo on “flopping” and “diving” on the world’s brightest stage. Bosnia only had two “injuries” both of which lasted less than 12 seconds.

Take a look at the video below to see the top 10 greatest flops and a hilarious video parody made by Canadian company, Fourgrounds Film who pose the question: what if the world flopped like soccer players in everyday life?