Dutch striker Arjen Robben acknowledged that he fell deliberately during the match against Mexico, and shortly after apologizing, decided to clarify that he was referring to a play in the first half and not the alleged offense for which the referee signaled a penalty that gave the victory to his team. "I want to apologize. I threw myself. Sometimes, you get desperate, but I should not have done it. It was stupid," he said after the meeting between the Dutch and El Tri.

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The commotion caused by the statements led to the striker having to clarify that the play to which he referred to was the first time. "One was a foul, but the one where I threw myself was in the first half. I should not have done it," said the Bayern striker to the newspaper De Telegraaf. The Bayern Munich striker said at halftime that suffered two fouls in the first 45 minutes, one play in which the Mexican defender Hector Moreno was injured. "He hit me in the shin and he was injured. And then they attacked me again. If that's not a foul, I don't know what is," he said.

In injury time, when Mexico and the Netherlands were tied to a goal, the referee signaled a penalty for an alleged Dutch foul on Rafael Márquez and Robben who escaped from the left side to the Mexican area. Klass Jan Huntelaar was responsible for scoring the penalty that gave the victory to the Dutch. Marquez denied having touched Robben in the final stretch of the game and assured that the Dutch player himself told him that the supposed foul was no such thing.