When it comes to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, nobody probably knows him better than his wife, Courtney Love. And as for her choice of an actor suitable enough for any future film about her late husband, the “Hole” singer just hinted that Brad Pitt might not be one of them.

After the success of the Freddie Mercury biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the possibility of a Kurt Cobain biopic was floated around. Brad Pitt was then one of the names mentioned as a possible actor who might play as the Nirvana singer if the film ever gets made.

Apparently, Love is not sold out on the idea of Pitt portraying her late husband. “Kurt had more presence and more beauty than Brad Pitt,” Love told GQ.

But that’s not the only surprising thing Love revealed to the magazine. The “Hole” singer even revealed something only she, as Cobain’s partner, only knew.

“He was a leader, he was strong,” Love continued. “In fact, he was well f**king hung, if you really want to know.”

Love also hinted that Quentin Tarantino might have recruited Cobain to star in his film. “You ever wonder why he thanked Quentin [Tarantino, director] on the back of In Utero?” Love asked. “Quentin asked him to play Eric Stoltz’s part in Pulp Fiction.”

To be fair, there is a valid reason why Brad Pitt may no longer be the best actor to portray Kurt Cobain, aside from presence and beauty. The reason for Pitt’s incompatibility with the role is simply his age.

Pitt was born in 1963, making him 55 years old already. On the other hand, Cobain was born in 1966, not far from Pitt’s birth year. The problem is that Cobain was only 27 years old when he died in 1994, which might make the 55-year-old Pitt too old for the role.

But if Pitt is bent on playing a musician’s biopic, there is one late musician that might be more suitable for him. Chris Cornell, the vocalist of the rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, was already 52 years old when he died in 2017.

Brad Pitt
Cast member Brad Pitt poses on the red carpet at the premiere of "The Big Short" in New York November 23, 2015. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

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