Following Covid-19 diagnosis, Vice President Kamala Harris said that she had “no symptoms.” Later it was revealed that she was taking an antiviral pill manufactured to treat patients with severe cases, leaving some medical experts baffled.

The VP tweeted about her diagnosis, saying that she was "grateful to be both vaccinated and boosted."

Her office announced Tuesday that she was prescribed and had used Pfizer’s Paxlovid after a consultation with her doctors, reported New York Post. Some experts questioned why Paxlovid would be prescribed to a healthy, double-boosted and asymptomatic 57-year-old patient as it is designed to reduce severe symptoms among high risk patients.

Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams said that asymptomatic Covid and no medical issues "isn’t an indication for Paxlovid." Jonathan Reiner, Professor of Medicine and Surgery at George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, wondered why would anyone give "Paxlovid to someone without symptoms?"

According to White House Covid-⁠19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha’s guidance, it is to be given to patients with a high risk for developing a severe case. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about it and Harris’ treatment. Psaki said that Jha also said that you should consult with your doctor, and Harris "consulted with her doctor." She shared that the VP has been given Paxlovid, and that’s "something many Americans may be eligible for." She thinks overall, they are grateful that "this is an approved drug on the market that many people can benefit from, including the Vice President.”

Preferential treatment for Harris was not “unreasonable," said Celine Gounder, an infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist who advised the Biden White House on coronavirus. She told Politico’s West Wing Playbook, “We know that the way that Presidents, or in this case Vice Presidents, are treated is not necessarily the way the average person is treated." She added that it’s not just about what is best for that patient, but it’s about "what’s best for the nation.”

Harris’ diagnosis comes as the Biden administration moved to expand access to the antiviral pill for millions of Americans, reported Daily Mail. The White House said that it was rolling out the pill for distribution from 40,000 locations across America soon.

Kamala Harris
US Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on April 5, 2022. Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

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