The bulging frame, the rounded edges, the same old colours i.e., black and silver- this has been, more or less, the staple design of iPhones for the past five years since the iPhone 6, which was introduced back in 2014.

But it looks like Apple is ready to embrace some changes with the introduction of the 2020 iPhone models via which it plans to revive the classic design of the iPhone 4. In fact, the specifications are going to be so amazing that even the best iPhone 11 improvements will look weak in comparison. 

So, if you were thinking of upgrading to iPhone 11, well it’s time give that idea another thought, what with the big design changes of iPhone 12, scheduled to be launched next year. There have already been rumours of the brand new instalment in the iPhone series doing away with its smooth and curved edges and going back to its squared-off metal edging like that of the iPhone 4. Time to see what else sets the upcoming iPhone 12 apart from other models, specifically the iPhone 11:

No notch or a shrunk notch?

While there have been rumours that the upcoming addition to the iPhone series is all set to do away with this particular, it is also possible that the iPhone 12 won't be the true all-screen phone and may shrink the notch down considerably in order to retain the full capabilities of Face ID.

iPhone 12 may end up being Apple's first quad-camera phone

As per Apple’s analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo’s recent claims the iPhone 12 will feature a ToF (Time-of-Flight) camera on its back, which will allow it to measure depth much more accurately than a regular camera. 

iPhone 12 may mean the return of the much-loved Rose-gold colour

iPhone 11 may have given us a colour like Midnight Green, which was somewhat likeable but what users really liked was the Rose Gold iPhone 7 but this highly popular colour hasn’t been seen since then. 

If the rumours hold true, the much-awaited iPhone 12 will mark the return of this coveted shade.

iPhone 12 to come equipped with both mmWave and sub-6GHz band

Kuo has confirmed that Apple will now upgrade all three of its 2020 iPhones to 5G. This move will ensure that iPhone 12 is all equipped for any next-gen networks as well as in sync with the wide variety of bands used in 5G installations across the US.

So, what is it going to be-iPhone 11 or the much-upgraded and improved iPhone 12?