Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek Pinault attends the screening of GKIDS' "Kahlil Gibran's the Prophet" at Bing Theatre at LACMA on July 29, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Getty

Salma Hayek has often been criticized for not being “Mexican enough.” The Mexican media has targeted the actress more than once for abandoning her Aztec roots, “I have tried to represent my Mexican roots out loud and proud, I feel sadden because my words were misinterpreted,” said Hayek after causing controversy for saying she was 50% Spanish and 50% Lebanese.

The “Frida Kahlo” star has sparked up some anger amongst Mexicans again because she has remained quiet during the whole Donald Trump debacle. As one of the most recognized Mexican actors in Hollywood, she was expected to join other Latino celebrities, and stand up for Latinos in the U.S. during this whole controversy, but she didn’t.

During a recent public appearance, Mrs. Pinault was confronted about the situation and she surprised everyone with her response, “I know him [Trump] a little bit, and I know it is a mistake to respond to anything he says because he will only use it for self-promotion. The Mexican community can be mad because I haven’t said anything…but I refuse to even pronounce his name and let him use me for publicity.”

She continued by saying that the current scenario has exposed the discrimination level that still exists in America, “As American citizens we still don’t comprehend the level, and the magnitude, of the problem with discrimination in this country. We have been living a lie by pretending that we are a country that doesn’t discriminate anymore.”

The Veracruz native also referred to the turn his whole campaign has taken, and how the media keeps helping him to get where he is now, “I am just going to say this…America is not a beauty pageant. America is not a reality show. America’s and the world’s reality is more difficult.”

Well said Salma Hayek, well said.

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