William Valdés was the social media guru on "Despierta América," being the bright light of youthfulness every morning. He was abruptly axed from the show and the network, for what he said was executives not understanding him or "how to sell" him. Since leaving he has kept a low profile but after two months he's turning up his social media game and in a recent video he posted on YouTube he is opening up about the whole scandal.

"There's a very big truth and the big truth is that I am a little sad and disoriented," he revealed in the video. "There are sometimes that I don't feel like getting out of bed, I go to sleep late, I wake up late ... I am not going to lie to all of you. My life change from the moment that they decided to fire me from the network. A lot of people in the industry have always told me not to put things on social media when I'm sad or going through things. Then I say, 'why not?' 'Why can't I put anything when I'm sad.' I am not made of steel because I work in television. If you guys were the ones that helped me be where I am why not tell you when I feel bad. Believe me that I will feel alright because I know that you will always be there sending me messages and comments that always lift my spirits up. For me, it's a medicine to let you know that I sometimes don't feel well."

Valdés also said: "After this rough patch I have come to realize who my real friends are, who are the people that believe in me and in my dreams and are there supporting me. There are very few people because in this world of television when you are on the air I think everyone wants to be with you, everyone wants to be your friend, but when one falls in a hole, like I have, a lot of people disappear, a lot of people are not there anymore, a lot of people don't want to be your friends anymore, a lot of people don't invite me to their events simply because I don't work for the #1 company in the U.S., but I am learning from my mistakes. I am learning from all of this and I am learning that the mistakes that I have made I will not make at another job. I think what's most important in life is to learn from your mistakes so you don't make that same mistake again."

"I think that in life everything happens for a reason and this had to happen because there's something better coming. Maybe I'll be in a new adventure that I still don't know what it is because I've always tried to communicate what my personality is and I am a very transparent person, with no filters, I don't like hypocrisy, I am a person that says things that they believe in and yes, the truth is that I don't have a job at the moment, but the good thing is that something will come, I have all the confidence that something will come."