Apothic Wine Halloween
The brand, which is also known for its innovative blends, recently launched its first-ever red varietal (Apothic Cab), a collaboration with American actress Sarah Michelle Gellar to incite mischief this Halloween. Apothic Wine

Apothic should be dubbed as the official wine brand for Halloween — and here's why. Its gothic appearance and unique taste are inspired by the Apotheca, a mysterious warehouse where wines used to be blended and stored in 13th century Europe. The brand, which is also known for its innovative blends, recently launched its first-ever red varietal (Apothic Cab), a collaboration with American actress Sarah Michelle Gellar to incite mischief this Halloween.

The Evening of Intrigue: Choose Your Apothic Journey is a virtual one-of-a-kind experience that promises a night that’s anything but ordinary and guides rebel wine lovers through a mysterious adventure, narrated by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Not for the faint of heart, each element of the experience will ignite curiosity and result in the discovery of the perfect Apothic wine for those who dare to take the journey.

“While Halloween may look a little different this year, we want Apothic fans to experience a sense of mystery and excitement—in a truly unique and intriguing way,” said Molly Davis, Vice President of Marketing at Apothic. “Apothic is known for providing all the ingredients for a perfect night - how that night plays out is now up to each participant. We’re excited to partner with Sarah Michelle Gellar because she conjures up the bold spirit of the brand, having played notoriously mysterious roles fans know and love.”

Consumers who visit the wine brand website would be invited to a secret soirée, and from there are prompted to make a series of decisions that ultimately lead them to a custom recommendation of their perfect Apothic wine. According to the company, the possibilities are endless, and the more daring the answers, the bolder the wine recommendation.

“I’ve always been a fan of Apothic wine. I love how smooth their blends are and drawn in by how the wines challenge convention,” said Sarah Michelle Gellar. “Creating this journey together has been so much fun—I’ve actually spooked myself at times. Like everyone else, I’ll be celebrating Halloween at home this year. Now, I feel connected to everyone who will be watching and experiencing their own Apothic adventure.”

Once you receive your custom recommendation and receive your order, you can enjoy your Apothic solo or in a cocktail. Find below all your options and recipes.

  • Apothic Wines For Halloween

Apothic Inferno

Apothic Inferno Red Blend is a bold, intriguing red aged for 60 days in toasted whiskey barrels. Apothic Inferno is a fiery Red Blend that delivers a unique and unexpected taste. This Wine with a Whiskey Soul emerges from the flames of the time-honored craft of whiskey making. An intensive oak aging process, including 60 days in whiskey barrels, enhances Inferno’s rich character.

Apothic Cabernet Sauvignon

Immerse your senses in this smooth Cabernet. Hints of jammy dark fruit and aromas of vanilla blend with a silky smooth texture that boldly lingers on the palate. This 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold red wine with an impossibly smooth profile. Layers of blackberries and black currant reveal a dark fruit presence while aromas of vanilla deliver a silky texture that rolls across the palate, smooth as silk.

Apothic Dark

There's a freedom in darkness, it draws our curiosity and piques the senses. Apothic Dark blends bold dark blueberry and blackberry with opulent notes of coffee and dark chocolate with a rich, smooth finish.

  • Apothic Wine Cocktails For Halloween

The Inferno Punch Created by Josue Romero, The Garnish Guy

The Inferno Punch Cocktail
The Inferno Punch Created by Josue Romero, The Garnish Guy Apothic Wine

8 oz White Rum

4 oz Caramelized Pear Syrup

1 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice

6 oz Lemon Juice

1 oz Orange Liqueur

4 oz Whole Milk

4 oz Apothic Inferno


Caramelized Pear Syrup: Cut 3 pears into quarters, pour 2 oz of rum over them, add 1/2 cup sugar, cook over medium heat until the sugar melts and turns a bit brown. Add 1/2 cup of water, and bring to low heat. Using a potato masher, mash the pears, and stir the mix for 15 minutes. Strain, let it cool off, and maintain in the fridge.

Cocktail Instructions:

Place all the ingredients (except the Apothic wine and milk) into a glass container, and stir until all the ingredients are fully combined. In a separate container, heat up the milk until almost boiling, and slowly pour the cocktail mix into the milk (it will slowly curdle), and let it rest for a couple of hours. Stir for a few minutes, then run the mix through a cheesecloth a couple of times. Store the mix in the fridge. Serve the cocktail over ice, float Apothic Wine over it, and garnish with a dehydrated pear slice.

Rebellious Red Sangria

Apothic Sangria
Toast with a delicious Apothic Sangria . Apothic Wine

1 bottle of Apothic Red

1/4 cup Brandy

Choice of Lemon Lime Soda or Ginger Ale/Beer

5 Blood Oranges and Plums, sliced

1 Pomegranate, seeded

Stay Incider Created by Josue Romero, The Ganish Guy

Stay Incider Cocktail
Stay Incider Created by Josue Romero, The Ganish Guy Apothic Wine

2 oz Apothic Red

1 oz Cognac

1/2 oz Cinnamon Syrup

1/4 oz Lemon Juice

3 oz Hot Water


Cinnamon Stick, Apples, Star Anise, Nutmeg


Cinnamon Syrup: Combine 1/2 Cup of water, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 6 cinnamon sticks in a heat resistant container. Let it steep and allow for it to cool off, remove the cinnamon sticks, cover it up, and maintain in the fridge.

Cocktail Instructions:

Place all the ingredients into a heat resistant container, including the garnishes, and stir until all the ingredients are fully combined. It makes two servings.

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